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Why Use Carpet Cleaners’ Katy Rug Cleaning Services?


You invested into an expensive rug that is antique Persian or made of Japanese silk? Or you opted for a contemporary synthetic fiber rug? Over time, you began noticing the signs of what you think are wear and tear. And no matter how much you try to keep it clean by vacuuming it and treating it with shampoos and powders, you still find it looking dull and faded? This has even led you to thinking about replacing the rug? Wait! This is where Carpet Cleaners Katy comes in. The company boasts in expertise relating to organic rug cleaning and the use of heavy duty machinery that will take care of all the stains, odors and dullness. In addition, the cleaning process will not leave sticky residue, which often results from using carpet chemicals bought in stores for home use. The rug will be restored to almost-new condition, and you will be proud when you will, for instance, host a dinner party.

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The Convenience of Choosing Rug Cleaning by Carpet Cleaners Katy


Residents of Katy lead busy lives and the little free time they have left they want to spend with friends and family outside in the sun, visiting some of Katy’s prominent museums or taking a dog out for a walk in a park. So, what most of them want is not only to come back to a clean and nice smelling house, but also not to waste precious time on trying to keep the rugs clean, often with poor results. Carpet Cleaners Katy will make sure that they clean your rugs after picking them up and returning them full of life and glowing with restored beauty.


We Perform Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning


Carpet Cleaners Katy is very focused on minimizing the impact on the environment. The company uses non-toxic organic chemicals safe not only for nature but also for your family members and pets. You will appreciate this fact if you like to get down on the floor and play with your children or pets. These chemical solutions are capable of restoring rugs to up to 99 percent of their original appearance.

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The company guarantees a green and sustainable rug cleaning process while providing the best possible results. Even the most stubborn stain that you thought will never go away will surely vanish when Carpet Cleaners’ Katy experts treat your rug. The method of rug cleaning depends greatly on the state of the rugs, with each assessed individually to determine which kind of process is necessary. For instance, some rugs may need pre-vacuum heavy stain or soil treatment. Sometimes they need treatment against allergens and pet odor, while in other instances they need sanitizing and deodorizing. In some cases, all of the above-mentioned steps are required for a perfect result. Carpet Cleaners Katy provides tailor-made services suitable for every kind of rug issue.

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