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You have noticed that your upholstery started to look brownish and dull. It also smells bad, and you can feel the dust when you sit on it.  The once fresh and vibrant upholstery has turned into a soiled and dreary piece of furniture. And you began to wonder because you do regular vacuuming and upholstery cleaning.

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Your upholstery needs professional cleaning. Dust, dirt and other residue can accumulate in your piece of furniture through time. Even if you tried to vacuum it, the upholstery has too many corner edges and slits that you might be missing. And when you don’t clean it thoroughly, the contaminants may be buried deeper in your upholstery making your furniture looks old and smells bad. And you do not want to spend huge amounts to buy new upholstery, right?


Try our upholstery cleaning services. We have the most professional and skillful professionals, who can help restore your upholstery’s beauty and freshness the fastest time possible. We also do carpet cleaning, organic carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services.


What we do


Based in Texas, Carpet Cleaners Katy offers professional upholstery cleaning to make your upholstery look and smell good again.  We handle all kinds of upholstery cleaning problems using cleaning techniques that go deep through the materials of your upholstery to break dust and other residue gathered through time. We make sure that all the edges and corners, as well as slits, are cleaned carefully and thoroughly.  Our solutions also promote organic cleaning, and we are gentle in handling your piece of furniture to avoid damage.


We have a number of skilled staffs and technicians that are willing to help in restoring your upholstery. These professional staffs undergo training and skill enhancement to do the work perfectly. Our services have been proven effective by different clients around Texas.

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Quality and convenience

We guarantee convenience and quality in our work. We can clean your upholstery and deliver it to you in the best time possible. If you do not have time to bring your upholstery to us, we can bring our service to your place. We can also pick up the furniture from your place and get it back to you once we finished cleaning. We always see to it that we do upholstery cleaning at your own convenience.


Leave your upholstery cleaning problems to us.  We can restore your upholstery to make it look new again. You do not have to spend extra bucks to buy new pieces of furniture.


Our customer service is always open for your inquiries and your questions about our services. For upholstery cleaning and other problems including carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, call us at (281) 245-1089. We will be happy to serve you!

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